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The words “vibrant” and “enthusiastic” are synonymous with Uffculme URC.  The Bible is the basis of the church’s theology and active life as we believe that, as God’s inspired word, it is the guide for the future direction of the church.

There have been non-conformists worshipping in the area of the present church since the late 1600s.  A building was erected on the present site in 1720 and this was rebuilt to give our current building in the 1860s.  Originally known as Independents, they later joined the Congregational Union and in 1972 joined the newly formed United Reformed Church.

In the late 1970s the church was extensively modified internally with another floor being inserted to provide three rooms of varying size upstairs.  A kitchen and toilets were incorporated into the building.  Recently the ladies toilet has been converted to be used as a disabled toilet as well as a ladies toilet.

From outside the church looks like a traditional Victorian village chapel but the inside is much more up to date with chairs instead of pews to provide flexibility of layout.  We also use a video projector to project songs, Bible verses, etc onto a fixed screen, while sermons are recorded onto CDs during the service to enable those who have ether missed the service or want to hear it again to do so.

We are a family centred church community.  This does not mean that those who are not from a Christian family are isolated.  Rather, the Church believes in following the Biblical principal that we are all part of God’s family.  We have been blessed with a wide age range amongst the congregation, from a new-born baby to great-grandparents in their 90s.  There are several young families in the church, but also families of all ages.

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